Sams Realty Group LLC offers loan servicing to real estate investors on first position and wrap around mortgages.  Below is the set of documents needed to set up the loan for servicing (to be provided):

DOCUMENTS TO BE COMPLETED (Click The Links Below To Download Forms)
1.  Borrower Information: Download Borrower Information Form
2.  Investor Information: Download Investor Information Form
3.  Direct Deposit Authorization (required for investor, optional for borrower): Download Direct Deposit Authorization Form
4.  Disbursement Instruction Sheet: Download Disbursement Instruction Sheet Form
5.  Loan Servicing Agreement: Download Loan Servicing Agreement
6.  W9 (to be completed by the investor): Download Blank W9 Form

We require the following documents as part of the loan servicing onboarding process:

1.  HUD-1 From Closing
2.  Deed of Trust From Closing
3.  Promissory Note
4.  Copy of Current Insurance Policy
5.  Copy of Most Recent Underlying Mortgage Statement (If Applicable - For Wrap Around Closing Transactions)
    Upon receipt of these requested documents, we will forward a letter to both the borrower and investor containing the PITI mortgage payment amount, the date the first payment is due, and instructions on how the borrower can submit their monthly payments.
      • Setup Fee: ($75 for 1st position - $50 Junior Liens/wraps)
      • Monthly Service Fee: ($18.50 performing - $15.00 Nonperforming)
      • Late Charges Received: Split $50/$50 Between Borrower and Servicer
      • Service Transfer Fee: $50


      Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding how we can support your loan servicing needs, and we will be more than glad to assist!


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      President – Sams Realty Group LLC
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      Phone: 210-788-1034