Are You Behind On Your Property Tax Payments?

Having Trouble Keeping Up With Annual Property Tax Increases?

Are You Now Facing Foreclosue For Unpaid Property Taxes?

If So, We'd Be More Than Glad To Help!


Sams Realty Group offers property tax relief to homeowners throughout San Antonio, Bexar county, and other surrounding counties such as Comal and Guadalupe county.  As rapidly rising home appraisals are causing increasingly higher property tax amounts, many residents face the difficult challenge of making these payments when required.  These delinquent property tax amounts and associated penalties can rapidly add up, and result in the county scheduling your property to be auctioned and sold to recoup the past due property tax balance.   To help homeowners seeking property tax relief, we can offer to make a lump sum payment to the county to pay off the property tax balance to stop the foreclosure, and then establish an affordable monthly repayment plan that is convenient for the homeowner.


Time is of the essence if you are behind on your property tax payments or facing foreclosure, as fees and penalties will continue to add up until paid off in full.   Contact us today for a brief 15 minute phone call at (210) 788-1034, or provide us with your information by filling out the form below, and we'd be more than glad to speak with you to discuss how we can pay off your property tax balance and provide property tax relief in less than 5 days!